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Varaprasad Bandaru

Associate Research Professor, University of Maryland - Department of Geographical Sciences

How I work with EOFSAC

Prasad Bandaru is part of the University of Maryland EOFSAC Hub, providing support for EOFSAC activities and research. Dr. Bandaru’s research hinges on the interfaces between geospatial technologies and issues in agroecosystem. He focuses on integrating remote sensing, geographic information system, and biophysical and biogeochemical models to develop robust geospatial tools, and applying them to monitor and manage agricultural systems at multiple scales. Dr. Bandaru was trained in a variety of field and modeling techniques in soil science, agronomy, geospatial science and programming. Prasad’s broad areas of interest related to EOFSAC include:

•    Modeling crop yields and cropland carbon fluxes
•    Modeling impacts of biofuel crop production systems
•    Evaluating adaptation strategies to land use and climate change
•    Development of decision supporting tools


Dr. Prasad Bandaru is an Associate Research Professor at the University of Maryland’s Department of Geographical Sciences. He has been an Associate Editor of the Agronomy Journal since 2013, recognized as an outstanding Associate Editor of the year in 2014. He is a reviewer for Nature Communications, Science of Total Environment, Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, Global Change Biology- Bioenergy, Agronomy Journal, Journal of Environmental Quality, ISPRS journal of Photogrammetry and Remote sensing, Remote Sensing, Soil Science Society of America Journal, Journal of Computational Science, and Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. He is a member of NASA CMS Science Team (2016-present), NASA LCLUC Science Team (2018-present), American Society of Agronomy (2005-present), Soil Science Society of America (2005-present), American Geophysical Union (2008-present), and American Association of Geographers (2011-present). He is a participant, CO-PI and co-investigator in projects associated with the North American Carbon Program. Dr. Bandaru received a PhD in Plant and Soil Sciences from the University of Delaware, an M.S. in Plant, Soil and Environmental Sciences from West Texas A&M University, and a B.S. in Agriculture from Andhra Pradesh Agricultural University in Hyderabad, India.