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Alyssa Whitcraft Presents EOFSAC

NASA Water Resources Science Team Meeting introduces EOFSAC and NASA's Food Security Agenda

Alyssa Whitcraft of EOFSAC and Stephanie Schollaert Uz of NASA's Food Security Office attended the NASA ASP Water Resources Science Team Meeting in Boulder, CO. The meeting convened the NASA Applied Sciences Water Resources community at the Sustainability Energy and Environment Complex at the University of Colorado to highlight the progress and impacts achieved by project supported by the program.

The meeting included presentations from projects and stakeholders, poster sessions, and opportunities for discussion around shared challenges and emerging opportunities that are important to the Water Resourses community. Dr. Schollaert Uz presented an overview of NASA’s Global Food Security Initiative and highlighted the new Food Security NASA Capabilities Working Group and its initial efforts; Dr. Whitcraft presented on goals of EOFSAC and highlighted several projects and impact examples.

News Date
Jul 13, 2018