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Chris Justice at NISAR Workshop

EOFSAC Participates in NISAR Mission Planning Event

Dr. Chris Justice, EOFSAC Scientific Lead, was an invited speaker at the workshop: Advancing Agriculture and Soil Moisture Applications with the NISAR Mission. Learn more about the NISAR mission here. He discussed the importance of EOFSAC's work for bringing together relevant work on food security, and how NISAR can connect effectively with the overall agriculture and food security focus of NASA. 

The 2-day workshop was held in late June at the USDA Agricultural Library (Beltsville, MD) with the following objectives: 1) Identify high impact applications for integrating NISAR into Agriculture and Soil Moisture Applications; 2) Build a user community for NISAR agriculture and soil moisture applications to help develop information products and distribute data; 3) Identify partners for cal/val of higher level information products.

News Date
Jul 10, 2018