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First Round of Drone Data Collected in Tanzania by IFPRI EOFSAC Partners

Mar 30, 2018

IFPRI EOFSAC partners Soonho Kim and Summer Allen are working as partners with UMD to understand how satellite data can help better understand crop production and loss in Tanzania. As part of this research, ground-truthed data collection is needed.  The first round of data collection took place… Read more

Tanzania University of Dodoma

Jan Dempewolf Meets With Tanzania Ministry of Agriculture and Local Partners

Mar 28, 2018

The University of Maryland (UMD) EOFSAC Team continues to strengthen agricultural monitoring for food security in East Africa. Main local partners and beneficiaries in the region are the Tanzania Ministry of Agriculture National Food Security Division (NFSD), the Uganda Office of the Prime… Read more

Snow Water Equivalent

Afghanistan Drought Research Highlights EOFSAC Partner Amy McNally

Mar 20, 2018

EOFSAC partner Amy McNally’s work about potentially hazardous drought conditions in critical agricultural areas has been highlighted on NASA's Earth Observatory site. The article Record Low Snowpack in Afghanistan describes… Read more

Don Cummings Air Data Solutions

EOFSAC visits Texas A&M Corpus Christi Partners on US Domestic Coordination

Mar 16, 2018

Scientific Lead of EOFSAC Chris Justice and Alona Bunning, Communications and Outreach Coordinator, visited the Texas A&M AgriLife Corpus Christi campus on March 15 to discuss future coordinating efforts for the US-domestic strategy of EOFSAC. In attendance were EOFSAC partners Murilo Maeda… Read more

Inbal at G20

EOFSAC Principal Investigator and GEOGLAM Director promote Earth observations at Argentina G20 Deputies meeting

Mar 14, 2018

EOFSAC Principal Investigator Inbal Becker-Reshef, GEOGLAM Director Ian Jarvis, and AMIS Secretary Abdolreza Abbassian attended the G20 Agricultural Deputies meeting in Argentina on March 12-13. The Argentine presidency is strengthening tied between economics and Earth observations (EO) to… Read more